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In this "Monster of the Week" style show, a rotating cast of characters find themselves in a different whacky situation every session. Each session starts in Shenanigans, a tavern run by the famous former adventurer Desmond and his wife Elizabeth, "Lizzy". Other reoccuring NPCS include their 13 year old daughter Layla who is studdying at the local wizard academy Woghorts, Borch the Orc cook that Desmond saved during one of his former adventures, and their not-so-helpful kobold assistants.

Dicing with Death

Because this game features only a single player, the storylines and character development are much deeper, faster, and more intricate. With frequent character turnover, the two cast members swap DMing and Playing positions giving the game a diversity of style you won't find anywhere else.

Latest Character: Leon [Neal]

Misscliks: Devotion

Kes and Kellen are siblings, bards, and traveling companions, joined by their respective lovers Ransom and Olivia. Together this traveling "double date" inspire crowds while solving mysteries and fighting monsters.

Hardcore Heroes

In order to utilize the fear of death, players will leave this show when their characters die. To make things even harder, character death happens at 0hp (instead of -10) and we use the strict RAW (rules as written).

Age of Strife: 2

A complete restart of Age of Strife, this time it's up to the Thorne family to solve the problems surrounding Waadsworth. It's not going to be easy to save a town when you're broke and lack the respect of those in power.

Misscliks: Seaborn


Age of Strife: 1


Honorbound: Redemption of the New Guard


Age of Strife: Legacy


Misscliks: Amnesia


Misscliks: Vigilantes


Misscliks: Outbreak


Misscliks: Demigods


Misscliks: Pirate Edition