XP calculators (like this one) are inherently imperfect. Creatures on either extream (really really weak or really really powerful) might give you crazy results. This should be used to guide your XP rewards. Do not be a slave to the system. Example: try making a creature with only 1 hp. You'll find it gives you a negative value.


Martial stats (hit/damage) should draw from typical attacks. Creatures with spell like abilities (including breath weapons) should find an equivolent spell level to their most powerful ability and enter that spell level under Max Spell Level. A dragon's breath weapon would count as a strong special attack as well as a spell level appropriate for its damage output.

Very Weak: Soft CC (push, knockdown), Surprise bonus.
Weak: Burst damage ~ 1.5x average (charges, hug for auto damage), Gear destruction chance (rust monster), Small AOE attack.
Moderate: Moderate CC (entange, web, levitate, very short disables), Burst damage ~ 2x average, Minor persistant effects.
Strong: Hard CC (paralysis, hold, full disables), Large AOE attack.
Very Strong: Gaze attacks, Significant persistant effects.


Creatures with variable AC should use the most common form of AC in the main field, and select a special defense appropriate to stronger areas.

Very Weak: Infravision
Weak: Surprise resist, Large jump, Directional AC buff
Moderate: Resist mind affecting (elves), See invisible
Strong: Surprise immunity, Certain spell immunities
Very Strong: Polymorph/Invisibility at will, Certain other spell immunities


Select useful movement types below.

XP: 0

Offense: 0
Dam: 0
Hit: 1
Mulit: 0.5
Spell: 0
SoD: 0
Special Attack: 1
Defense: 0
HP: 0
AC: -0.5
Resistances: 0
Special Defenses: 1
Regen Weak:
Regen Strong:
Utility: 0
Move Speed: 0
Move Type: 0