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Hardly Heroes

Stromheim is the former capital of Eridon, which has been heavily damaged after facing the Demon Invasion and an undead army’s siege. Queen Kiara Sanguine vanished during the siege and the city has fallen into decay, with gang activity overtaking much of the city. Our campaign centers on 2 rogues in 1517, several years after the events that crippled the region. Stromheim, and all of Eridon, is rebuilding, but now part of the Drekis Empire. In this time of reconstruction, there is also opportunity...


In the eastern land of Solum, two decades into the Vale War, a party of four outcasts are brought together by a mysterious wizard who lives alone within a tower in the great swamp of the Hornstead Kingdom. Despite their differences, this bizarre group of adventurers work together to complete jobs for the wizard and attempt to stay out of trouble.

Rise of Drekis

Rise of Drekis features discrete chapters telling the story of what happens after the events of The War for Arcadia. We know Drekis becomes a power house, but that's just the big picture. What is happening on the level of individuals? Is this a great benevolence that spreads? Is it a brutal regime? Rise of Drekis is set after Tombs of Scoria and deals with the events that shape the developing Arcadian Empire. Each story arc will feature different PCs and different players, and how they succeed or fail in shaping the future.

City Dwarves

This story begins with our PCs, a trio of young dwarves, living in a city. They're the children of cobblers who perished the month prior when plague swept through the city. Coming home from the funeral, they have found their shop ransacked. Tools broken, shoes in for repairs ruined, the whole place a mess, except for one left boot that has been repaired and left in the middle of the room. Obviously this was the work of a rival cobbler shop, but which one? And why? Soon enough the clients stop coming in. No new orders for shoes, boots, or even sandals. Some neighbors will bring things by for repairs, but the young dwarves aren't great in this field and word is beginning to spread about the poor quality of work. The potential heroes are facing a serious problem as funds begin to run out... yet some god must have smiled down upon these poor orphans, for one day they come downstairs to find all their work completed for them and the shop nicely cleaned up.

The Lazarus Expedition

Good King Arnold, high cleric of Velmontarius, god of justice, of the Ancient Stormtide Kingdom kingdom has been murdered. His greatest warrior, Lady Lazarus, paladin of Voraci, goddess of Death and Destruction, has taken the greatest warriors on a holy quest to find a Scroll of Ressurection and raise Good King Arnold from the dead. After many months of travel and adventure, the expedition finally has reached Arcadia, where the Great Pyramid is rumored to contain one such scroll. Unfortunelty, a storm sinks the ship killing everyone on board. Only a few surviors, lower ranking squires, acolytes, and apprentices, manage to survive. It is now up to the rookies of the expedition to find their way through this new land to The Great Pyramid and retrieve the Scroll of Ressurection for Good King Arnold. May the gods bless their journey.

Dicing with Death

Neal and Ryan take turns DMing and playing various campaigns under the heading of Dicing with Death. The two friends have been playing this way since the mid 1990s. Because this game features only a single player, the storylines and character development are much deeper, faster, and more intricate. With frequent character turnover, the two cast members swap DMing and Playing positions giving the game a diversity of style you won't find anywhere else.

Latest Character: Fenix [Ryan]

Former Characters from newest to oldest

Light of Illumis

This adventure centers around 4 clerics who want to use a Philosophers' Stone to render all undead vulnerable to sunlight. This story picks up near the end of their journey, as their agent is delivering to them the Philosopher's Stone they will use in their ritual.

Tides of Death

After fleeing the crumbling kingdom of Eridon our party find themselves stranded and shipwrecked on one of the many outer islands in the Dardens. What fate will befall them in these new lands and what sort of future of their own will they forge, all this is still hidden deep beneath the tides and the only thing they can be certain of is that failure will quickly lead to death.

Embers of the Wilds

Trog Canyon is a town that avoided the fall of civilization. Now, 20 years later, abandoned and alone in the world, the town is beginning to receive visitors... some bring joy, some bring trouble, some bring danger.

Legends of Arcadia: Genesis

The world is new, gods walk the land, and our heroes are only moments old. Telling tales from the very early history of the world, this experimental campaign will flesh out lore and dig deeply into grand concepts of the cosmos and the perspectives of the gods.

Tombs of Scoria

The War for Arcadia is in full swing when Scoria begins to take an active role, fighting alongside her subjected lands. Fearing her might, the queen of Drekkis seeks the black sheep of her family stop her. The children of her sister who abdicated the throne must arm themselves with the magical items they need to take down a Great Red Wrym.

Their adventure will take them to ancient tombs, the bottom of seas, lands frozen in time, to lairs of monsters, and to even more tombs! These 3 brothers are Arcadia's last chance to defeat Scoria.

Empires of Arcadia

When the Storms Came and the Mountains Rose, the easternmost Arcadian isle was isolated from the rest of the world by a Krakken. Its once semi-arid plains turned to swealtering jungle filled with monsters. 1500 years later, one of the isolated city states sets out to build and Empire.


In this "Monster of the Week" style show, a rotating cast of characters find themselves in a different whacky situation every session. Each session starts in Shenanigans, a tavern run by the famous former adventurer Desmond and his wife Elizabeth, "Lizzy". Other reoccuring NPCS include their 13 year old daughter Layla who is studdying at the local wizard academy Woghorts, Borch the Orc cook that Desmond saved during one of his former adventures, and their not-so-helpful kobold assistants.

Of Dice and Men

The Muscle, the Sage, and the Spy have all been brought together by the Leader to form the detective agency known as V.O.A. (Various Opperations Agency). Their first big break will lead them down a path of murder, mystery, and meyhem as they tackle their caseload out of Kronwikk.

Homeward Bound

Taking place in the immediate after effects of FroFro (Frozen Frontier: The Caldonian Expedition), this is the first high level campaign featured on this channel. Our heroes explore a new and wild world with diffrent laws of nature, strange environments, and intimidating monsters. What horrors await our heroes? How will they ever find their way home? What will be the costs?

While it is not nessisary to have seen FroFro, FroFro is a highly recommended serries in its own right.

Outpost Santa Barbara

OfflineTV tries their hand at D&D in a campaign based geographically and thematically after Santa Barbara, CA - Koibu's hometown. Our unlikely heroes find themselves running a town, investigating mysteries and magics, and exploring an uncharted island. This short lived series is full of insanity and instability, but ends abruptly mid storyline.

Hardcore Heroes

In order to utilize the fear of death, players will leave this show when their characters die. To make things even harder, character death happens at 0hp (instead of -10) and we use the strict RAW (rules as written).

A core storyline to the events in Arcadia.

Desperate Measures

The evil red dragon Scoria has been bleeding Mistrya for generations. As the war for Arcadia rages, The village of La'Triene in the Lakonish Highlands has sent out their only cleric, along with two woodsmen and a thug, to raid the ruined nearby Eridonian countryside. Normally good men forced into Desperate Measures might have to do some pretty terrible things in the name of self preservation.

Akuban Knights

Eridon has fallen, Drekkis and Mistrya are involved in a war that threatens to consume the whole continent. The children of the aged and failing King of Akuba are uniquly positioned to decide the fate of Arcadia. Will they seek peace or power? Will they pick a side, or fight for themselves? Unfortunetly the power to change everything is in their hands.

This campaign uses highly customized classes and spells. Expect changes to the rules as we test them out.

Gnomes, Tomes, and Catacombs

A group of professional streamers and close friends come together to have some fun playing D&D. Will they be heroes or villins? This band of misfits (psychopaths?) start in the backwater town of Fen Den, Drekkis and... uh... 'help' the locals with their problems? Let's be honest, nobody knows where this campaign is headed, but it's going to be fun.

Frozen Frontier: The Caldonian Expedition

Caldonia is the cursed continent to the south of Arcadia. 1509 years ago it was frozen over in the same horrific event that created the canals of Arcadia. Since then, nobody has ventured to this lost land. High Princess Sela of the kingdom of Drekkis is launching an expedition to Caldonia in hopes of recovering the treasures of a lost civilization. Our heroes will have to battle the elements alongside unknown dangers as they explore uncharted lands.


As an agent of Malkis, our Assassin seeks to destabalize Arcadia through selective murders and killings. Based on the decalssified CIA document "A Study of Assassination", our single player must overcome incredible odds through careful planning, cunning, and a quick flash of steel.

Heroes Graveyard

TrumpSC and Koibu team up to send players to their deaths. In this dual DMed campaign, Koibu runs the story, TrumpSC runs the monstesr, and the players run way. Various streamers and esports personalities come together in a rotating cast to explore a floating island that has appeared off of the Sword Coast in the Forgotten Realms. An ancient civilization lies in ruins, flooded with monsters that don't normally work together.

Fatal One

This is a 5e dungeon crawl community event. There is a large maze filled with horribly lethal and terrible things. In each session a 4 player party of 6th level characters takes a run at the dungeon. There are many ways to get to the exit, and none of them are easy. It will take the community coming together to explore the dungeon, making notes on layouts, monsters, treasures, traps and mechanics. Eventually if all the viewers work together, they might uncover a way through. We will be incredibly strict about the mechanics, for they will need to be pushed to their limits.

Misscliks: Devotion

Kes and Kellen are siblings, bards, and traveling companions, joined by their respective lovers Ransom and Olivia. Together this traveling "double date" inspire crowds while solving mysteries and fighting monsters.

Age of Strife: 2

A complete restart of Age of Strife, this time it's up to the Thorne family to solve the problems surrounding Waadsworth. It's not going to be easy to save a town when you're broke and lack the respect of those in power.

Misscliks: Seaborn

The island of Embershore in the Spice Isles suffers a natural disaster and a group of misfits are tasked with damage control and reconstruction. Their efforets lead them into discovering the cause of the natural disaster, and into adventures on the high seas.

Age of Strife: 1


Honorbound: Redemption of the New Guard


Age of Strife: Legacy


Misscliks: Amnesia

In this high-fantasy story, a group of people wake up together in the back of a wagon with no memories. Why are people out to kill them? Who are they? Where do they come from? What are even their names? Together they will find out.

Misscliks: Vigilantes


Misscliks: Outbreak

Dead a rising from their graves and hunger for the living. The Paladin Evelyn Marthain leads a party to confront the zombies and return them to the grave.

Misscliks: Demigods

Set during the Age of Mist, a pair of demigods twins Adea & Arcas meet their half-sister Emma in the town of Prok. There are tasked by their divine mother, the Goddess Reluna, to journey on a quest to prove their worth to obtain true divinity.

Misscliks: Pirate Edition

The adventures of the four new crewmembers of Captain Caster's pirate ship and the bonds of friendship they form. And the story of Pimperneal's two Crystal Balls.